Class Types

Social Studio in the Sky room

The themes change, but the concept of Social Studio stays the same. These 2-hour slots are more social in nature than quiet, meditative Open Studio. All participants work with the same theme, and conversation is welcomed anywhere throughout the space.

You’ll get your own creativity station, and access to curated supplies and prompts for the theme. You’ll find rotating drinks and light snacks at the tea bar. Note: all *classes are sober. 

This is a great time to invite your friends and community to join. Referral link given at checkout for $10 credit for both you and your new-to-Moon Landing friend. 

Quiet Studio in the Sky Room

Seeking to awaken your inner creative? Ready to put creativity on the list but not sure how to start? Want to connect with others who value the creative process as well?

Open Studio is where you drop in to wake up to your creativity. It’s time, space, and tools at Moon Landing to develop your gifts.

Here you are welcome to grab a desk or a comfy chair to draw, paint, journal, collage or daydream with our supplies. Get cozy with a cup of tea from our tea bar and browse our library of healing arts, creativity, and spiritual books. Sit or stretch in the sunshine in our garden patio and meet other people who are interested in meditation, movement and creativity.

In Open Studio you also have the option to explore our Creativity Rituals. The Creativity Ritual is our signature, in-house audio inviting you to shake off the day and focus the mind followed with sanctioned time to create from that attuned state. Take 20 minutes in our garden or in a womb room with somatic exercises and a guided visualization, and 30-60 minutes at a creative station with curated art supplies provided. Feel free to bring your journal or own art supplies and projects.