Create with

Practice creativity as a ritual of grounding with intention, finding your center, and listening to your heart.

Co-regulate with Community

Activate your genius, and nourish your unique gifts in supportive community.

Connect the

Access your North Star and learn to draw strength from your inner resources with our potent healing arts care.

Upcoming Events

leave it on the canvas
thursdays 6pm - 8pm
august & september


Release your inner artist and infuse meaning into your work through an array of expressive techniques. From journaling to stenciling, texturing, and painting, discover the joy of crafting a unique piece of art.

Be The river Studio
june 6th - sept 1st



Our studio explores the river’s flow within us. Our yogic subtle bodies are 72,000 rivulets of vital life force, streaming as our thoughts. Through movement, meditation, and creativity, we harness this power to awaken wisdom and creativity.

Moon landing is a refuge for you to access new portals into your own being.
Mindfulness meets creativity in our beautiful Oakland space.
Land in our Womb Rooms, with guided embodiment and visualization practices. Take your inspiration into our Sky Room, where we create and connect. Pick your own herbs for tea to enjoy in the garden.